Let body and soul dangle and feel the healing power of tranquility.

a wooden shed

Once designed as a tool shed, "La Scofa", built of natural larch wood, invites you to relax and unwind.

For the roof, only selected, straight and fine-growing and knot-free wooden shingles were used.


Soothing warmth and tranquility with a view of the garden.

The finest natural and untreated woods give the rooms a special scent that supports the feeling of relaxation.


Finnish sauna

The classic way to strengthen the immune system by sweating out toxins.

Already many guests jump from the sauna straight into the snow to cool off.

Aromatic Bath “Brechelbad”

Pleasantly warm but not hot sauna, whose healing effect was discovered already in the 18th century, is particularly good for dry and irritated mucous membranes.

Beneficial essences and herbal scents give this sauna bath its idiosyncratic character.

Infrared cabin

The infrared rays are not diverted by the air in the cabin but penetrate directly into the skin stimulating the metabolism.

The infrared cabin - through the stimulated metabolism it acts as a real fat burner.


Talk about the great experiences of the day in the bubbling water.


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