Simply to feel good: bright, spacious rooms and suites, decorated in natural wood and all around the unique peaks of the Dolomites and the silent wood. Their names reflect well-known places and mountains in the area.

Separate areas with two balconies

170€ | 30-35m2

Family friendly with large terrace

170€ | 35m2

A canopy bed to cuddle

170€ | 30m2

Spacious room with sitting area and balcony

120€ | 28m2

One step from heaven and the pine forest

120€ | 42m2

Fall asleep in the middle of the Dolomites

105€ | 25m2

Clean and cozy, natural materials and warm tones make it real soft and pleasant

110€ | 22m2

Comfortable ambience in contact with nature, guaranteeing a first-class stay

105€ | 15-20m2

Warm and welcoming room, a few steps away from the silent garden

150€ | 15m2



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